artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence will change all areas of technology and the economy profoundly. Many previous functions and activities that were previously impossible or difficult to automate can be optimized by their use. New products, services and functions are becoming feasible for the first time through the use of AI and thus become important competitive advantages.


Potential applications in the industry span the entire value chain, from development, through manufacturing and commissioning, to ongoing operation and maintenance of machinery and services. In robotics many, completely new applications will be added. Distributed IoT systems and networking with Industry 4.0 will lead to new value chains and business models.

There are no technical or economic barriers to the use of AI except the availability of talent and know-how. We advise you on the introduction, structuring and implementation of AI projects and carry out pilot projects in order to make the use of AI methods in your organization sustainable.


  • Application consulting
  • Requirement analysis
  • Method selection and training
  • AI team and personnel development
  • Cloud and IT infrastructure design
  • Neural Network Design
  • Dataset Development
  • AI Workflow Design
  • Pilot projects